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ООО «SPPC Management» — St Petersburg Property Company – SPPC for short – is a Swedish property company holding and managing three business centres in St Petersburg, Russia. While our quality of service is outstanding, our rates are in line with current market rates. We offer standard and customized office and retail space along with excellent services to make sure our tenants feel at home and can concentrate on their core businesses rather than having to deal with property questions. For more information on SPPC in English, please visit

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Dear friends, colleagues and clients! We offer modern, secure and comfortable offices as well as retail space for both small and large companies in the heart of Russia’s beautiful northern capital St. Petersburg in our three business centres Oscar, Magnus and Gustaf - all with a Swedish touch as that’s where we’re from!

Our experienced and efficient management team quickly addresses tenant requests and make sure all systems work and that public areas are clean, well-functioning and inviting. We also arrange common activities (conferences, lectures, pubs etc) on a common basis to uphold the friendly atmosphere, and to create a possibility for our tenants to create synergies.

If you are looking for a new office or retail space, please don’t hesitate to contact our rental specialists Julia Levochkina - she’ll do her utmost to work out an offer you most likely won’t refuse!

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